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Looking For A Few Good Fans

July 28, 2014

Howdy Gang!

Well, the release of my first Entangled book is only weeks away and I’m hoping some of you might be interested in helping a girl out. I need a few folks willing to take part in some posting projects that go into effect on release day, August 18th. The first is an active Thunderclap–a fun new take on group scheduled posts–and the second is a Release Day Blitz!


These projects won’t be without it’s rewards, however. Five random signers will be sent an ARC of my upcoming novel, “Convicted”, but to win, you’ve got to enter! Each sign up counts as an entry, and yes, you can enter for multiple social media accounts!


Join The Bad Girls Bandwagon!

Thunderclap requires 100 people to sign up, thus agreeing to schedule my post on either Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr. The post is scheduled for August 18th. The down side is, no 100 signers, no social media party. (Insert sad, depressing music accompanied by tear laden puppy eyes here)

It’s low commitment and you don’t even have to remember to do it after you sign up, the posts go out automatically. It’s like RTs, only you don’t have to do anything!

Click here to see the campaign!



This one is a bit more intensive, but you’ll be supplied with everything you could possibly need. I’m in need of people to help blast my release day blitz! If you have a blog page or a facebook page or even just a Tumblr, I’d love for you to help spread the word. All you have to do is sign up and three days before the release, I’ll send you the post you need (already coded for your particular type of social media page), complete with images. Schedule the posts for August 18th and you’re all set!

Click here to see the details and sign up!


Looking forward to hearing from you!

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When The Lights Go Out…

March 1, 2014

Sadly, this isn’t a romantic post.

My power went out last night and honestly, I slept through most of it. Until Hubby woke up at 4 am and noticed there was no power. And all my nightlights were off.

In some ways, I am a complete Southern Californian. I am not prepared for storms. Rock the earth, I’m good. Set half the world on fire, I’m okay. But pour some serious rain, crash some epic lightning and I am a total terrified pomeranian.

To quote my husband, “Break all the glowsticks and set the house on fire! YAY! We’re safe!”

Us SoCallers are not equipped for storms, least of all the gusher that came through here yesterday and probably more today. (In my defense, we get flash floods and I’ve actually seen an entire mountain turn into a waterdrop and completely pour over an entire block of houses in one second to the next.) He’s from the Phillipines. He’s used to typhoons and stuff, but there were moments yesterday when he admitted, it was a PI-worthy storm…Then it would stop as suddenly as it came. Give it an hour and it was dump buckets all over us again.

He gave me a keychain flashlight and got out of bed at 4am to find out how much of our area was blacked out. Turned out to be a good square mile, including the street lights. (Aren’t street lights–the red, yellow, green kind–supposed to be powered underground from a separate source? Hubby said it was scary out there with no lights to control traffic.) Possibly more. He came back with batteries, flashlights, candles and water–since our fridge dispenser wouldn’t be working. Oh, and without electricity, there’d be no hot water either. Can you hear the sob coming from my tiny, tiny violin?

Now you know why he brought donuts, too.

An hour later, the power came back on.

And I’m breathing again. Until, you know, the rain comes back.

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A New Look…

February 25, 2014

So I’ve been bothered for a while with the way my site was looking. I still love the theme, but the changes I made as I adjusted for things that needed doing or replacing… It all got a lot washed out. Plus, I’d put that design in last summer and suffice it to say, Summer and Fall and most of the Winter have been months of misery for me, healthwise. I’m finally getting better and well, I needed a change. Something that reflected the light and darker sides of me and my work. (Also, anyone who sees this site isn’t going to be terribly shocked that I use the F-word in my books. Cuz I do. Probably more than my editors would like, lol.)

I’m sure there’s a few tweaks that need doing–I am still medicated, so please bear with me a bit–but overall I’m really happy with the results. :) Everything is easier to read and find. I’ll be adding to it as I go, so suggestions are welcome!

Whacha think? :)

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Renaming History

February 19, 2014

So one of the quirks about me is that I’m constantly wondering if I have the first clue what I’m doing in my writing business. In business, at all. I’m a fairly standard creative type. Business doesn’t come easy to my brain. I love to cash checks but staying on top of the nickles and pennies isn’t my forte and making those decisions on what is trending or not is another of my not-very-instinctive tendencies. Which means I ask opinions of folks who are better at noting those kinds of things.

Recently, I have joined the ranks of authors who have been at this long enough to start getting rights back to my books. Which means I now have the option of putting them out in self-publishing or seeing if another publisher would like a crack at them.

MS_300In this case, I’m soon to be regaining the rights to my Midnight Trilogy and book 1, Midnight Sonata, will soon be back in my hands. Suffice it to say, I’ll be re-editing and creating a new cover.

The thing about re-issuing a book is that you get a chance to rewrite history a little, which is a huge temptation for an author. You can finally fix that typo that got past everyone and has been driving you crazy for seven years. Take out that paragraph that sounded good then but now that you know better, really shouldn’t be there. You can shave or shape characters as needed and tighten up that book for the better. Or just go James Cameron on that baby and throw in a tidal wave, just cuz you can.

I probably won’t go that far, but I am considering something very close. Renaming the book.

Tell me, readers, would that bother you? To see a previously published book re-issued with a new title? Or would you feel lied to?

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Falling Off The Face Of The World

November 27, 2013

So…you’re probably wondering where I’ve been. Where are the books, Dee? Why haven’t you been online? No twitter, no Facebook. In fact, I’ve been on an epic decline starting as far back as late May, but it became a near shutdown since August 23rd. Yup, I know the date. Because, dear friends, that was the first day that my body went completely into revolt.

To explain, I need to back up, just a bit.

Hi, my name is Dee and I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, otherwise known as EDS. In layman’s terms, its a connective tissue disorder that effects the entire body. Skin, muscles, tendons, joints. If can effect the very connections in your brain and the rigidly fitting pieces of your spine. It’s systemic, because what it really comes down to is that people like me don’t make collagen properly. In fact, we screw it up royally and to date, they have no way to really fix it.

EDS occurs in about 1 in 400,000 people, which I suppose makes me fairly special. I showed strong symptoms and was diagnosed at age 13, which apparently makes me more special. Most people present in their twenties or never find out what’s wrong until their forties. In that way, I’m lucky. Once doctors find out what I have, they’re less inclined to call me crazy. Slightly less, anyway.

The other thing that EDS does is open you up for a whole host of uncomfortable side issues. Since I’m a girl, I had the not as exciting opportunity to develop endometriosis at a very young age. Suffice it to say, I’m not so very young any more and both conditions are degenerative.

Which, brings us to this summer and where I’ve been.

I’d like to say I was holed up writing—I know I owe you all several books and i do plan to get them out. Or on a surprise vacation. Or really anything that didn’t involve doctor visits, more medication than I’ve ever had in my life or consist of months of unrelenting pain. But it is what it is. And to be honest, it’s still going on.

What began as yet one more miserable cycle to get through was compounded by multiple cysts, a developed infection and an EDS attack, which I’d been fending off periodically since May. Stress has a way of triggering the EDS so that I have nerve pain along with joint pain and I found myself unable to move hardly any part of myself without a frightening amount of medication. (To me, anyway. I know some folks really can push those meds.) It meant three months of trying to heal.

Trying, being the operative word.

The doctors are sure that I need a hysterectomy, but they’re also sure I need to pay for that kind of thing. I’m uninsured, unlikely to become insured and i just don’t have that kind of cash lying around. Neither do most people, I figure. Who would? There are ways, of course, government programs I can possibly qualify for. Maybe. Anyone who is uninsured and in need of services knows that this is not an easy route. It’s circuitous, has several setbacks and takes a lot of time and energy I just didn’t have yet. My reserves went to my kids, day in and day out. There just wasn’t enough of me to go further.

As most Moms out there know, the world doesn’t stop because you’re sick. The house needs cleaning, the kids need care and food and the bills need paying. So I worked, worked every web job I could get my hands on. Unfortunately, the writing just…dried up. It’s hard to be creative when you’re in a gauzy cloud. The voices just don’t come. But code, code has definitive yes and no answers. I could code and know for sure it was right. And if the pain kept me up at night, at least I had something to do.

It’s taken all these
months, but I’m finally mostly off the meds. I am surfing the government pages to see about MediCal and any other program that might help put yours truly back together again. I still have some bad days. Days when I get so frustrated with the pain I want to throw things. Wish for someone else’s body. Want to curl up in a ball and cry. But I also have days when I know my family loves me, when they help me and surround me with the support I need to get to the next day. And the next. That’s every day, really. They take care of me emotionally, even when they can’t fix me physically.

So, why the long story about what’s wrong? Because one in 400,000 people is still a lot of people. People for whom pain is more than a word—its a daily existence. And the numbers of women suffering with Endometriosis is staggering. But its still not something people are comfortable talking about. When you have it, you get the impression that its impolite to discuss it openly. At best, it’s spoken about in broad numbers and statistics. But I’m more than a statistic. I’m a wife, a mother, a person. I’m broken. But I’m here. And since my condition–expensive and distasteful as it is–refuses to go anywhere, neither will I.

I’ve never hidden anything about my health problems or my life in general. I do believe in privacy, but there are some things about which we should speak. We should share, not whisper at the back of a party or discuss only amongst ourselves. These last couple of years watching the state of women’s health laws be slammed back into the dark ages is the biggest proof of that. So, I’m open about my condition, because there’s just going to be times when I lose the fight and disappear for a while. I don’t like it—in fact, I hate it more than I can tell you—but I promise this.

I’ll keep coming back. I’m not quitting. Not on the writing. Not on this stupid condition that has been getting the better of me the last few months. So if you can bear with me, I’ll do my best to make it up to you.

Many hugs to you all,

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