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2016 Goals & Resolutions

January 13, 2016

I always think I’m not going to do resolutions. They always turn out to be unrealistic (“I’m losing 50 lbs this year for SURE!”, “I’m going to blog every day!”) or devastating when they don’t work out (“…sob, cakes sos goooood, ahm soooo faaaaat, sob, nom, sob, nom”). But, well, the last couple years have been hard. The last ten have had serious issues, but I’ve always gotten past them and worked through it. For the last two, though, the challenges have overwhelmed me, as many of you know because my writing schedule has suffered right along with me.

The most difficult challenge I’m facing at the moment are medical problems. They are why I’ve been “away”–for lack of a better word–from writing and being present online for anything other than my day job. What started out as occasionally crippling pain I could recover from after a few weeks has escalated into daily, unremitting, and constantly growing pain. It has slowly sucked my life into smaller and smaller boxes of what I can and what I can’t do. You can guess which box is bigger. Last year, I had procedures and surgeries and lots and lots of medication added to my sadly restrictive diet. It’s been a struggle to keep up with…well, anything, really. I’ve even had to get a wheelchair, just so I can go places like the grocery store. I can walk, but not far and there’s always a price to pay for every step. As you can imagine, stuff like that can bring a girl down emotionally, creatively and though I’m not sure the word can be used like this, hopefully. My husband, my family and my close friends are the only reason why I’ve been able to keep my chin up through it all- and the truth is, I need a goal. And I think I finally found one.

RWA Nationals is in San Diego this year. I have waited more than 10 years for it to be close to home and it finally is. Even if I can only get there in my wheelchair, I’m going. It’s my challenge for the year. Right next to losing 50lbs and finding a way to exercise. And maybe, God willing, kicking this damn health problem. I’d add RT to the mix, but even I think April will be just too close to be fair.

What about all of you? Resolutons? Goals? Same difference?
Sending hugs,

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