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How many of you have heard of the Hero’s Journey? And how many of you have made much sense of it?

Yup, that’s about how it goes for everyone. I’m not a particularly deep cookie sheet, so it took me a bit of time to understand how the Hero’s Journey could change my writing. Did it only apply to heroes? What could it really do for me? And why, sweet lord, was everyone talking about it? Between you and me, it’s because it’s very worth talking about. (And reading. If you get a chance, pick up the book “The Writer’s Journey” by Christopher Vogler. Brilliant book that made it simpler for this cookie sheet to make some better cookies!)

The Hero’s Journey has many stages that can help you develop your character arcs, arrange your story into acts and help you build a pace. The most important way thing to remember is that for your characters, in their own minds, they are their own hero. So, you can use this Journey to guide your heroes, heroines, villains and even secondary characters.

As we work our way though this series, I will be using quotes from the book listed above to ask questions and give guide instructions. And, of course, I’ll be adding my own hopefully helpful tips and explanations.

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