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Renaming History

February 19, 2014

So one of the quirks about me is that I’m constantly wondering if I have the first clue what I’m doing in my writing business. In business, at all. I’m a fairly standard creative type. Business doesn’t come easy to my brain. I love to cash checks but staying on top of the nickles and pennies isn’t my forte and making those decisions on what is trending or not is another of my not-very-instinctive tendencies. Which means I ask opinions of folks who are better at noting those kinds of things.

Recently, I have joined the ranks of authors who have been at this long enough to start getting rights back to my books. Which means I now have the option of putting them out in self-publishing or seeing if another publisher would like a crack at them.

MS_300In this case, I’m soon to be regaining the rights to my Midnight Trilogy and book 1, Midnight Sonata, will soon be back in my hands. Suffice it to say, I’ll be re-editing and creating a new cover.

The thing about re-issuing a book is that you get a chance to rewrite history a little, which is a huge temptation for an author. You can finally fix that typo that got past everyone and has been driving you crazy for seven years. Take out that paragraph that sounded good then but now that you know better, really shouldn’t be there. You can shave or shape characters as needed and tighten up that book for the better. Or just go James Cameron on that baby and throw in a tidal wave, just cuz you can.

I probably won’t go that far, but I am considering something very close. Renaming the book.

Tell me, readers, would that bother you? To see a previously published book re-issued with a new title? Or would you feel lied to?

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