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Convicted Contest: The Law According To Cade Challenge

August 20, 2014


My new book Convicted is out and can you believe it? It hit Amazon’s Top 25 Suspense list! Wild thanks to all of you that have bought the book and fallen in love with Cade and Trina!


Let’s say we introduce even more!


Take part in
“The Law According To Cade”


First, here’s a list of tweets to help you slip on a the shoes of a certain crusty Marine:


1) “I’m not killing anyone. I’m going to shoot him several times. If he dies, that’s his fault.” #TheLawAccordingToCade ow.ly/AuD4t


2) “If you can’t give me the truth, I don’t want to hear anything at all.” #TheLawAccordingToCade ow.ly/AuD4t #Convicted @DeeTenorio


3) She never liked help. He never gave a shit. It one of the better quirks to their relationship. #TheLawAccordingToCade ow.ly/AuD4t


4) “There’s more than one place to shoot a man.” And he knew all the ones that hurt the most. #TheLawAccordingToCade ow.ly/AuD4t


5) “My tits, my rules.” Well, they’d just see what she said when she found out her ass belonged to him. #TheLawAccordingToCade ow.ly/AuD4t


6) “Sweetheart, I’ll be a Marine ‘til they bury my cold, dead, decrepit ass in the ground.” #TheLawAccordingToCade ow.ly/AuD4t


Even better, you can enter just for sharing about Convicted in many other ways. See the rafflecopter list below and have fun! (Using these tweets counts under “Posting your favorite line from Convicted”)

But, you might ask, what’s in it for you?

Apart from the fun of being Cade for a second, you can win an adorable prize set!


Matching handcuff earrings and necklace set
Signed Convicted Postcard
and an extra bonus
a $25 Amazon Gift Card!

Want in? All you have to do is post!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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