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Wedding Rules

  • Publisher: Kindle Worlds
  • Series: Four Weddings & A Fiasco World
  • Release Date: May 5, 2016
  • ASIN: B01F9CG0AW
  • Genre: Contemporary, Sweet
  • Available Formats: eBook Only

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When shy Jai “Jenny” Ling lied on her resumé to get a job as a bridal advice columnist, she never expected her marriage minded mother to find about it, much less use it against her. But now here she is, caught between an actual rock—5 karats!—and a very hard place—oh, just the end of her career…her freedom…and maybe even her chance at true love.

But let’s start at the beginning. For four years, she’s worked for City Life, an online magazine based in San Francisco—owned and operated by the too charming for her own good, Adam Tsang. Month by month, year by year, through thick and ridiculously thin, she’s been part of his dedicated office staff, gaining a growing audience that has pulled the magazine from obscurity to up-and-coming success. A fact Adam takes very seriously. Over that time, he’s somehow managed to work her out of her shell, helping her become the person she is on the page, the sassy and somehow beloved “Wedding Belle” instead of the plain and easily forgotten Jenny. And if sometimes he looks at her like he might want to say—or do!—something not work-related…well, there’s one very big problem. He thinks she’s married!

Jenny’s mom doesn’t understand why her daughter is resisting the plans to marry her off to a family friend. It’s not like she’s going to go find herself a husband. So when Adam comes up with a brilliant plan to feature a wedding for the magazine—namely a ceremony between Jenny and her elusive husband he’s been wanting to meet forever—Jenny is desperate to find a way out of the situation. She can’t tell Adam she’s been lying all this time but the feature is could make or break the future of Adam’s magazine. So isn’t it great when her mother helpfully provides the groom for this fiasco? Isn’t it?

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