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When The Lights Go Out…

March 1, 2014

Sadly, this isn’t a romantic post.

My power went out last night and honestly, I slept through most of it. Until Hubby woke up at 4 am and noticed there was no power. And all my nightlights were off.

In some ways, I am a complete Southern Californian. I am not prepared for storms. Rock the earth, I’m good. Set half the world on fire, I’m okay. But pour some serious rain, crash some epic lightning and I am a total terrified pomeranian.

To quote my husband, “Break all the glowsticks and set the house on fire! YAY! We’re safe!”

Us SoCallers are not equipped for storms, least of all the gusher that came through here yesterday and probably more today. (In my defense, we get flash floods and I’ve actually seen an entire mountain turn into a waterdrop and completely pour over an entire block of houses in one second to the next.) He’s from the Phillipines. He’s used to typhoons and stuff, but there were moments yesterday when he admitted, it was a PI-worthy storm…Then it would stop as suddenly as it came. Give it an hour and it was dump buckets all over us again.

He gave me a keychain flashlight and got out of bed at 4am to find out how much of our area was blacked out. Turned out to be a good square mile, including the street lights. (Aren’t street lights–the red, yellow, green kind–supposed to be powered underground from a separate source? Hubby said it was scary out there with no lights to control traffic.) Possibly more. He came back with batteries, flashlights, candles and water–since our fridge dispenser wouldn’t be working. Oh, and without electricity, there’d be no hot water either. Can you hear the sob coming from my tiny, tiny violin?

Now you know why he brought donuts, too.

An hour later, the power came back on.

And I’m breathing again. Until, you know, the rain comes back.

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