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The Purge Has Begun…

August 11, 2013

Okay, now, we all know I am not the queen of Facebook. In fact, I really suck at Facebook, which is why it has taken me SOOOOO long to do this conversion. I’ve been asking folks to switch over to the “Fan Page”, because that’s my professional page. I’ll be turning my Profile page Private so I can keep that just for family (It really doesn’t do to have the kids seeing my pro life and the things that come to my page are not always SFW, if you know what I mean.) Plus, dudes, I SO need to simplify my life a bit.

Now, I’ve made pleas for Friends who are not related to make the switch and almost got kicked off Facebook for sending too many messages, so, I’m now moving onto the Purge. If you’re wondering where to find me or why you aren’t getting my thrilling updates on which baby is trying to kill me or take over the world, lol, I can still be found at http://www.facebook.com/DeeTenorioFanPage and I’ll be so glad to see you there!

Many hugs and I hope everyone will understand!

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Thursday Thirteen: 13 Things I’ve Been Up To

August 8, 2013


I’ve never done a Thursday Thirteen before–usually because I don’t really do anything 13 times or ways, lol, but I wanted to take a crack at it because they really are fun to read. So, here goes. 13 Things I’ve Been Up To:

1. Writing: I’m currently working on expanding “Convicted”, a novella, for Entangled Publishing. It’s an exciting project and I’m hoping you all enjoy it when it comes out! (Sorry, no date until I get it to my editor for her to slap into submission.)

2. More Writing: I’m also working on a submission to my agent, who is a lovely woman who is probably ready to choke me since I teased her with erotic cowboys without finishing the chapters. Luckily, she has kids and knows how hard it can be to smuggle out erotic cowboys while the children are underfoot every moment of every day. (Soon, Kim, SOOOOON!)

3. Formatting: Lots and lots of formatting. Updating self-pub books with new excerpts, preparing to release another book as soon as the rights reversion is complete and making different versions for Amazon, BN & Smashwords so readers can have links to direct stores (or not). (Yes, your brain starts to melt by the 3rd version.)

4. Cooking: Now, most of you know I’m not a cook, so lets use that word loosely. It’s really more like “continual sandwich making”, with some freezer pizza, top ramen and fried rice thrown in for variety.

5. Limping: Alas, my condition (EDS) has decided to make this summer “The Summer of my discontent.” Meaning, I sound like a castanet combined with a wimpering pup. So, sadly, there has been much whining as I find a way to make the obnoxious situation go away.

6. Laundry: My mom has actually come over 3x to help me get it all done. We do. It builds back up. There is no escape from it. (Please save me.)

7. Sitting on my bed: I have a desk. I’m hiding from it. It’s covered in papers and registrations and schedules I need to put together. (Don’t tell it I’m in here!)

8. Reading: Not like I used to. I read Hunger Games finally, in a day because it makes my niece crazy when I read a book in a day, lol. Next up, The Bone Collector (Niece won’t let me read Catching Fire til she’s done with it, so…next summer?)

9. Coding: I’ve been working on several sites this summer, including my first one with a store that I’m still up to my eyeballs in. Learning might sting a little but, new skills are always awesome to get.

10. Making Sales: I put “10 Ways To Steal Your Lover” on sale for $1.99 at Amazon & Nook. Since I’m still learning Nook Press, lol, this was a very interesting experience! On Sale for the month of August!

11. Blog Touring: I feel like I went everywhere this summer, talking about my new release, “Trust In Me”. I saw a lot of new folks and the conversations were a lot of fun.

12. Releasing A New Book: There’s a ton of stuff involved with getting a new book launched and encouraging/luring/begging people to read it, lol. Lots of making yourself visible and doing giveaways and trying not to be offensive. (Um, I swear a tiny bit…)

13. Running Giveaways: Like this one!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

What did you do this summer? :)

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One Week til Back To School!

August 7, 2013

I love my kids. I love all of them, like a fat kid loves cookies. That said, I’m SOOO looking forward to them going back to school. This summer has run me absolutely ragged and you don’t want to know what my house looks like. (nudges random sock under the bed) Ironically, I was so glad when school ended because I was run absolutely ragged by the school year, lol.

I’m not sensing a whole lot of enthusiasm for the coming year, lol.

I do, however, have all these fantasies about what I will do with at least 6 uninterrupted hours to work. No one complaining about being hungry or bored every twenty minutes. (I actually have a kid who wants to sit and stare at me for endless minutes at a time. I’m not sure what she’s looking for but let me tell you people…it’s weird. LOL)

Seven more days til…well, waking up at the crack of dawn so I can make lunches and yell at people to make themselves presentable before shoving them out the door and having a cup of tea allllll to myself.

I’m greedy, I know, but I absolutely cannot wait. What about all of you, what’s your countdown to Back To School?

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Sale News: 10 Ways To Steal Your Lover!

August 3, 2013

10W_300 You’ve probably seen this announcement on my twitter or Facebook, but I want to make sure it gets out to as many people as possible. :)

10 Ways is currently on sale at Amazon and BN for $1.99, so if you’ve been curious about the story an never tried it, now’s a great time! There are also brand new excerpts attached, so if you’re looking for a sampler, have at it!

Hope you enjoy,

Buy Now:

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The Weekend Before A Release…

July 21, 2013

There are few things that can drive a person bonkers quite like waiting. I’m not a patient person. In that respect, publishing was really a bad idea and a serious training lesson. Usually, when I can, I do what needs doing myself and keep my schedule as much as possible. This is not how publishing works. Even Self-publishing requires you to rely on others in some way or another. (If you’ve ever waited for a book to get to iBooks, you know what I’m talking about.) And nothing about publishing will make you more nerve-wracked than the last few days before a release. You’d think after around 20 releases I’d be over this tension. I’d be old hat.

You’d think.

So, here I sit, two days before the release of “Trust In Me” and I’m wondering if I’m going to make it without the sacrifice of several innocent donuts. (The answer is no, by the way.)(Licks fingers.) Stressing. I’d like nothing better than to curl up in a ball in my bed and hide until Tuesday. Possibly Wednesday. The only reason I’m not is because I have a day job. And kids. And my husband would never forgive me if I hid in bed and didn’t make room for him. Also, I’m a comfort eater. Crumbs in bed for 3 days would be highly uncomfortable.

Instead I’m going to work and code and bite my lip and worry and stress and write some more and curl my toes in the carpet under my desk where no one can see.

So tell me, folks, what do you do to distract yourself from important events coming up? Do you watch the clock and bite your lip? Or do you carry on without ever thinking about it? Tips welcome!

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