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Some secrets are worth dying for…
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Enticing The Stranger
What his mind can't remember, her heart can't forget...

On Writing


Individual Articles

Angie’s Magic 7

The 4 Horsemen


General Targeting


Series Articles

1) Internal: The Battlefield

2) External: The War Room


12 Step Programs

12 Steps To A Perfect Romance

12 Steps To A Good Critique


7 Deadly Sins


7) Over- confidence

6) Vanity

5) Indecision

4) Inaccuracy

3) Repetition

2) Phraseology

1) Implausibility


The Hero's Journey


1) Not So Ordinary World

2) Learning To Adventure

3) 1st Threshold

4) Approaching Trouble

5) Oy Ve, The Ordeal

6) The Reward

7) Anyone Got A Map

8) He’s Baaaaack!

9) Home Again
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